Our linens come in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and U (universal), with Size 1 being the smallest size. Universal garments are largely a generous over sized fit. Please note that the measurements above are a guide only and exact measurements can vary between styles. IE size 4 in pin cord Venice fits like size 5 in linen Venice

Before you make a purchase, please refer to the product page for actual measurements and fit information. The measurements are taken from the garments so reflect the actual size of the garment. You can use our guide below to help you take accurate measurements of yourself. 

 Generally our sizes equate as follows:

Size 0 - 10-12

Size 1 is 12-14 

SIze 2 is 14-16

size 3 is 16-18

Size 4 is 18-22

SIze 5 is 24-26